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Hello and welcome to my humble home on the Web. Since 2004, Eyes of Fyr is the place where my textual and audio-visual content is published. An independently owned and operated labor of love and a bastion of commercial-free content on the Web, it's where I ramble on about such things as my work on the site, concerts I've attended, and where other random prose and poetry is shared.

The site has been overhauled once since its (fugly) debut in '04. It is still a work in progress so, returning vistors, thanks for hangin' with me. New visitors probably don't know some major and minor revisions have occurred in both the front and backend since the '08 redesign. The next incarnation is long overdue and will hopefully incorporate some of those nifty responsive techniques I've read about but don't fully comprehend, especially regarding images. Ergo, I won't promise anything I cannot yet deliver. Although, it is sporting its first official home-made (cheesy?) logo.

Blog My thoughts on the subjects of content updates, site issues, and other select topics are posted on an irregular basis in the Blog. So far visitor commenting has not been made available. It may remain this way or it may not but I do appreciate the views, though, so thanks for reading!

Most of the juicier content can be found in the Media section, the launching point for access to my fotos, audio-video clips and more.

Eyes of Fyr Audio-Visual Media

Audio Video Fotos Scans

Thanks to modern HTML5 browsers the Audio and Video archive pages are a bit more user-friendly lately. Both are starting to whip into shape, however, older browser are still unsupported, i.e, generally no Flash fallbacks. Download links are usually available though.

Content is rather sparse in the Audio Archive but the lingering player issue in the Opera browser has been resolved and of course it was something I was able fix. The purpose of the archive still stands. Merging music audios there was considered but rejected because they're usually extracted from video files anyway so that's where they belong.

The Video Archive is in better shape. The music section has exploded lately with copious amounts of recently-captured concert footage, and there will be more to come after a storage issue is resolved. Playback seems to be hunky-dory in newer browsers so check it out! Desktop browsing in the latest releases of IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera provides the best viewing experience. Safari may work too. Phone and tablet playback has been known to be successful in some cases but is not guaranteed for all.

The Foto Galleries contain …, umm, fotos! Lots of them, some of the oldest band shots date back to 1981. There may be another pruning of content again in the Galleries but it's not because of any pre-determined expiration date or anything like that.

The Scans Scrapbook houses various scanned memorabilia items including signed CD covers, concert VIP passes, a large ticket stub collection, show flyers and more. It seems to be quite a popular destination according to the access logs.

More info about yours truly and the origin and philosophy of eyesoffyr.com is in the About page. And, an RSS feed is usually available when new blog posts are published. Subscribers to FyrFeed can have updates delivered to their reader.

Thank you for visiting and thanks for your patience as this site develops.

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